Geese on Prince's Island Park

Published on March 8, 2023

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This is amazing! I was just taking some nice 360 video of geese around the pond at Prince’s Island Park. As I was leaving 4 or 5 geese raced past me honking to get into the water. WHIZ right past me.

Then to add to this incredible video a HERD of goslings slowly approach me. I put down my camera and they surrounded it. Instead of going to the water with the other geese, they settled around my camera.

They make the best cute noises as they sit around.


0:00 Geese
0:50 Geese enter the water
01:38 Geese race past!
02:00 Herd of goslings approach
02:30 Goslings surround my camera
03:00 Gosling closeup
03:21 Goslings site and stay
03:40 Cute gosling noises

Prince Island Park Calgary

Prince Island Park Calgary, Geese on Prince's Island Park.

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